What You Say

Last autumn we set about starting our own Kitesurf School. Our main concern was a website as we knew most business would be generated from web searches but had no idea how to build and market a site. Fortunately we met Grahame through kitesurfing and together started the design process and discussed ways to promote the business as well. Grahame completed a model of the website very quickly and helped us complete the site within a few weeks, but more importantly suggested many ‘out the box’ ideas to market the school. The site was completed to a much higher standard than we were expecting and Grahame was very patient when having to perform the endless minor ‘tweaks’ we wanted to the website. We are three months down the line since going live and it has been a huge success. We have had many customers commenting on how professional it looks and have been given loads of positive feedback. The site has convinced potential customers to book with us over other Kitesurf schools in the area because of the website and the professional appearance it gives the company. I would recommend Grahame to anyone who is contemplating starting a new website to promote their business.  Tristan www.thekitesurfcentre.com

As a novice when it comes to building a website, I relied on Grahame for guidance on all aspects of building the content and setting up our website. The results were brilliant.  Kim Goodall Partner Goodall Barnett James Solicitors www.gbjcriminalsolicitors.com

“I’ve relied upon Grahame’s services for almost 5 years now and he has never disappointed me – or my clients. His web design skills are superb with his specialty being introducing video to the web. He is creative, quick to understand his client’s needs and responsive. His technical knowledge is in-depth and reliable.  Donetta Harrison

“I contacted Grahame for advice, guidance and technical assistance in setting-up business web site for Aspects Photography. Grahame was great to work with, helpful and prompt. He provided a range of options to explore before settling on the most appropriate solution. Once selected his practical help in getting the site up & running was invaluable. Grahame is very personable and I enjoyed working with him, excellent value for money too!”  Chris Pascoe http://www.aspectsphotography.net/

“Grahame is one of those friendly, personable people who gets the job done, on time, within budget and without fuss. The whole process of getting the video we needed was slick and fast. I gave Grahame a basic brief initial concept, some background material and the final production he created was better than I’d hoped for. For the 5 star treatment without the 5 star price tag Grahame gets a big vote of confidence and my recommendation. ”  Kevin Polley http://www.mutualadvantage.co.uk