You Tube is the 2nd biggest online search engine in the world!

By 2021 over 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video !

Video can be indexed by GOOGLE within minutes!

Video is excellent for SEO!

Video is a very important part of online business strategy and is often ignored as being gimmicky or of little value.

Things have changed dramatically over the last few years, with faster web access speeds and an online audience that is being bombarded with every conceivable type of advert, promotion and sales technique available.

The time opportunity to capture the attention of your audience is decreasing and you have to think smart to keep them looking at your business.

Video if used effectively can easily create the link between your business and the viewer.

We Can Explain!!

Our videos are designed to be short and entertaining introductions to your website.

They can be used to advertise your business or to highlight and promote a product. In order to get visitors (traffic) to your website the video needs to create the right impact.

Video is being used extensively online and covers just about every subject and product you can imagine and the quality is improving all the time.

With faster servers and broad band connections, viewers can watch high definition productions as it streams down to their computer.




You Tube or Self Hosted Videos?

We use You Tube to help business websites gain a better presence on the search engines.

Many business owners ignore You Tube, thinking it is either unprofessional or less effective for their company.

This is not the case and You Tube has it’s place in any online business strategy along with videos that are hosted on our own Vimeo servers.

We use both and find it offers the perfect solution for any business.

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