VIDEO has power…

Video really works, it engages your visitor and can send a powerful message that will transform your website into a  selling machine.

One of our specialties is the front page impact video, which is designed to have energy, power and a strong company message that can be used to promote products or services helping you to dominate your competitors.

We also produce more conventional talking heads or walky talky style videos, when used correctly can be equally as powerful conveying the message to your customers.

It can be used to help visitors get to know about you and your business. This can be achieved in several ways i.e.
Talking heads video where you talk to the camera.

Talking over screen shots or a powerpoint presentation.

Having some footage of your business in action with a talk-over explaining what you sell and how your business can benefit your customer.

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Your videos are hosted by us on powerful servers that will make the streaming process much quicker, plus we can upload a copy of the video to social media video sites such as You Tube, Vimeo, Metacafe and others. Adding your video to these sites can help create a real presence for your website.

To give you an idea how our videos are produced. Once we have spoken with your and found out the style of video you require we then set to work and design a package that has maximum impact and powers the message out to your customers.

Please go to our video page to see more examples.

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