The INTERNET works…

How well is your business performing on the Internet? BT Business has revealed some worrying statistics about the poor quality of small business websites. With the potential of 25% of retail spending being conducted on the Internet this year only 1 in 3,000 small firms utilise key-words to optimise their websites.

daily mail article

This is like having a shop on the high street and camouflaging it, so that your potential customers find it hard to find. Ten per cent of small businesses don't even like their own websites.

If you enter your own business premises and don't like them, what makes you think your customers will?

Does that sound like a good way to conduct business? I think you'd quickly change your customer facing image – and yet people don't want to do that on their own website. If you want to find out more about how your website can work for you, come and speak to us here at Biz Web Solutions and start increasing your performance by having a sensible Internet strategy.



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