Making money on the internet – Trust and Ethics.

As a website and video developer, I have often looked into the web universe of ‘making money online’. If any of you have done this, you will know it is full of scams, overly bloated claims and useless time wasting advice. Of course when you search deeper and remove the part of your brain that is attracted to the shiny objects that promises untold riches with little or no work, you start to uncover information that will actually help you find your dreams. Another warning comes at this point, because it seems anyone who wants to truly succeed online has to go through the inevitable stages of ‘information overload’.

Why does this happen I hear you ask? 

The truth is there are many, many ways to make money using the internet and you end up trawling these endless possibilities before you find what works for you. When you find it – then comes the seemingly endless trail of different ways of completing a whole series of tasks before you make a single penny e.g. find a domain name and register it, make a website and host it, do keyword research, create the website content, find or create something to sell, create a secure download page,  get traffic to your website and so the list goes on. Many give up after jumping through a few hoops and others struggle on for ages before finding a way that starts to work for them. Those that stay the course find if they are lucky they can succeed making money through hard work and sheer resolve.

Of course there are other ways to cut through all that turmoil of discovering those ‘secrets’ to success yourself and that is to find a mentor who will guide you along the right path in the first place.

So how do you do that?

With so many professing to have the answer, it is extremely difficult and can be expensively soul destroying if you make the wrong choices. There are a few who are experienced in coaching people how to make money online and there are two big important things you need to look for when making an informed decision:

1)  THEY WALK THE WALK – meaning they have already achieved success themselves and having done so want to show others how to do the same.

2) THEY CARE AND KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE AND INTERACT WITH OTHERS – meaning they care about helping others achieve and have the personality to convey the information in a helpful and understanding manner.

So why have I written this post?

Well it is now 2014 and the economy in the UK and other western countries looks as though things are improving, but there are many people looking for opportunities to make the break from jobs they do not enjoy, or a life that is providing far less than they require financially.

So if you are a new face looking for an opportunity online I want to give you the heads up to well regarded, ethical marketers who are known for helping people achieve their dreams of making money online. The biggest and most important thing is they tell and show you how to do it properly without any second hand car salesman talk.

I will be passing on quality info to ensure – YOU WILL SUCCEED.

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