EMAIL marketing works…

There are many ways to advertise your business, mostbizwebsolutions email2 are very hit and miss, making it difficult to know if a marketing or advertising campaign has been fully effective. Often you pay out large sums of money without the real knowledge of your true ROI (return on investment). After all none of us want to throw money away, especially in today’s financial climate.

There have been many studies over the last few years about how effective email marketing is. Some have been very optimistic and others have sounded its death knell. The thing is with email marketing or direct response marketing as it is often called, is if it is done well and ethically it can have a dramatic effect on the profits a business can make.

It is now recognised that email marketing works and it works well. It is inexpensive and can be laser targeted to your potential and current customers.

Social media plays a great part in all that we do on the internet, this applies whether you are in business or not. After all if something goes really well for you why not post it on your Facebook or Twitter account and let everyone know. Equally if something goes bad that negative message can rocket around the WORLD in mere seconds.

Online selling and marketing is all about building a rapport with your customers. The heavy duty pressure tactics no longer work and not only could you lose them, but they tell all their friends online as well.

We have a solution for small businesses that will help your customers get the message and it is about building up trust with them.

More to come very shortly… In the meantime please go and download the free report we have written all about direct response email.

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