Small Businesses Missing Out Online

Most Small Businesses that have not done so already, know they should be making more of the online opportunity. Unless the business was founded as an online enterprise in the first instance, the attention needed to make the very best of getting online tends to get lost in the busy everyday schedule.

One of the main questions and hold backs is who does the small business owner turn to for advice ? There are experts aplenty and yet when it comes to the choices, how does a business owner really make the best of it online.  The overwhelming information and differing advice often creates inaction or misdirection.

So as a small business owner what do you do? The most important thing is your business should have it’s own slice of online real estate and a clear path to follow in order to achieve success. A very interesting article was published in The Telegraph a while ago which highlights the main reasons business owners are choosing to ignore the benefits of the internet. For example.

46%  DON’T think it will benefit their business…..

35%  DON’T think their company is big enough….

22% DON’T know how it will benefit their business….

Several years has passed since that Telegraph article and as we all know from the news and items like this 2018 BBC report, things have moved dramatically towards the online experience.

The real truth is your business does need an online presence – UNLESS of course they have so many customers falling over one another to get through the door. Even sole traders who rely on their work through ‘word of mouth’ benefit from having a shop window online.

So how do you find out what would be best for your business? Call Grahame and let him give you a helping hand with free and friendly advice so you can make way towards an informed decision. Contact Grahame and speak to someone who will help you through the process.

Have a look around his website and check out the content to get an idea of what he can offer you. If you would like to see some websites that he already created for other small businesses, please have a look at the links via the home page.

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