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Making money on the internet – Trust and Ethics.

As a website and video developer, I have often looked into the web universe of 'making money online'. If any of you have done this, you will know it is full of scams, overly bloated claims and useless time wasting advice. Of course when you search deeper and remove the part of your brain that is … [Read more...]

New 1 Page Websites

Our NEW 1 Page Websites Will Get The Message Out To Your Customers! One single main page is all you need to let your viewers know all about you and your business. Why complicate something simple, when your message can be seen straight away. Your current and potential customers … [Read more...]

Feng Shui

This is a website for a successful Feng Shui business   Click the picture to see the website … [Read more...]

VIDEO has power…

Video really works, it engages your visitor and can send a powerful message that will transform your website into a  selling machine. One of our specialties is the front page impact video, which is designed to have energy, power and a strong company message that can be used to promote products or … [Read more...]

The INTERNET works…

How well is your business performing on the Internet? BT Business has revealed some worrying statistics about the poor quality of small business websites. With the potential of 25% of retail spending being conducted on the Internet this year only 1 in 3,000 small firms utilise key-words to optimise … [Read more...]

EMAIL marketing works…

There are many ways to advertise your business, most are very hit and miss, making it difficult to know if a marketing or advertising campaign has been fully effective. Often you pay out large sums of money without the real knowledge of your true ROI (return on investment). After all none of us want … [Read more...]