And I Thought I Knew About Web Design!!

I have been developing websites for several years now and take some pride in keeping up with the latest trends and technology.  Every now and again something comes along that truly catches your breath and makes you ask yourself the question 'How did they do that?'  It does not happen that often and … [Read more...]

Video and Global Innovation

Part of the famous TED TALKS series this video conveys a very powerful message, proving how ideas can be quickly spread to people on a global scale. … [Read more...]

Why Apple dislikes Flash

Flash is a product created by Adobe and has historically been used to play video on almost all PCs. Over the last few years things have been changing with the rise of HTML5 and Apples resistance to using Flash based products. It has often been assumed that Apple did not embrace Adobe Flash due to a … [Read more...]

Getting Stuff Done – The Right Way!!

OK before you watch the video let me say when I saw the screen shot of the guy standing by his whiteboard I nearly gave it a miss. However that guy is Andy Jenkins and is pretty well known as a highly successful entrepreneur who has made money selling just about everything. So I started to … [Read more...]

Our New Video Website

We have recently added a new Video for Businesses website as we are being asked more and more by new and established business for online video. Business owners now see it as a positive requirement to remain competitive and highlight their products and services. The website is designed to showcase … [Read more...]

Latest Video Of Real Events Tsunami

When you see a video portraying real life events like the Japanese Tsunami it has a different impact on you and you find yourself looking at something that is both horrific but compelling to watch. Someone sent me this video and it shows what looks, almost slow motion how people were so easily … [Read more...]

Online Video Fun With Business In Mind

Online video is becoming more sophisticated and clever. There have been several extremely smart and witty campaigns using online video enabling the viewer to put in their own name/photograph and generate a complete short film. These have had a viral impact on the internet attracting millions of … [Read more...]

Sketch Motion Video – What Motivates Us?

As I add posts to my blogs I find there are a number relating to motivation and enhancing the individuals performance. The message contained within video can be both powerful and extremely effective, especially if conveyed in an unusual and entertaining way. The video below is from the USA aimed at … [Read more...]

Social Media – Do You Worry About Followers & Likes?

Do things have to change? It has become almost inane how we tread through the Social Media jungle to try and get people to like our products or services. How hard have you worked to get a few more likes on facebook or a extra followers on Twitter. What have you really achieved in the form of extra … [Read more...]

The best way to do SEO, is to forget all about SEO.

Just got this through from Ed Dale - a well known internet good guy. THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL SEO PROVIDERS. Today, Google has launched its much anticipated disavowal links tool. This is an abject disaster for SEO. It is a brilliant move by Google. There’s an article at Search Engine … [Read more...]