Telling a story on video can be very scary!!

This is a very interesting story with a rather unusual and completely unexpected twist.   … [Read more...]


Well we have some new EU legislation upon us and if you are business, you will no doubt have heard about GDPR.  GDPR is the new EU General Data Protection Regulation that replaces the old Data Protection Directive and comes into force on the 25th May, 2018. These regulations set down various … [Read more...]

We all do bad advertising!!!

Want to get a good handle on what NOT to do when advertising your business? Grab the Yellow pages and sift through all the advertisements. I used to hate getting junk mail in my letterbox at home. Now, I love it, just so I can dissect the adverts. Almost ALL of the ads in these publications, … [Read more...]

Paper dead

Are you old enough to remember being told, when computers became established into the workplace, that paper is no longer important? Well someone got it wrong, as we consume more paper now than ever before. But the myth lives on and this really fun video gives great perspective!!!   … [Read more...]

Video of The Shard, London

A brilliant video showing views of 'The Shard' using a quad drone. The video takes off from the ground and slowly rises until it is level with the top floors, giving a spectacular view of London at night. … [Read more...]

Achtung – Spitfire

This is an amazing video all completed using special effects - You would not know as they are completely seamless. I have a good friend who knows how I help businesses use video online and he sent me the link to this wonderful short film. We have spoken about how a well produced video can catch … [Read more...]

Stunning Eagle Owl Video

This video shows an Eagle Owl in flight coming to perch just in front of the camera lense. It is shot with a high speed camera and has caught the magnificence of this impressive predator. An Eagle Owl has a wingspan of around 6 feet and a body length of nearly 2ft 6ins. It is very powerful coming … [Read more...]


  Is it a video? No these are creations called Cinemagraphs, a new form of Digital Photography created by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. The effects they create are quite stunning, far removed from those stilted gifs that continually repeat the same action. Cinemagraphs show a level of … [Read more...]

The Power of Words Video

Many books have been written about how to engage with people and the best ways to encourage them to buy from you. Social Media has added a completely extra dimension to the way we communicate with one another, and we often see how the way we use words can have a positive or negative … [Read more...]

Happy Christmas

This is a most unusual Christmas Message and we explain the reasons for using this video rather than sending out cards. We would like to thank all our friends, clients and all those that have helped us through the year.   … [Read more...]