We all do bad advertising!!!

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Want to get a good handle on what NOT to do when advertising your

Grab the Yellow pages and sift through all the

I used to hate getting junk mail in my letterbox at home. Now, I love
it, just so I can dissect the adverts.

Almost ALL of the ads in these publications, or mail pieces… are

In fact, you could earn a very healthy living just by contacting
these advertisers and selling them a service on how to double their
returns on the ads they run.

And believe me, you could easily double their return just by tweaking
their ads.

If you’ve seen any of them, you’d have noticed that they all like
to talk about THEIR business, and how THEY are the best, and how
THEIR company is the cheapest around.

And as if anyone reading the ad gives a monkey’s about their logo.

People don’t really care about you, your business, your logo, how
long your in business and your passions.

All they care about, is what you can do for THEM.

Rather than having an ad that says…

Looking For A Professional plumber?
We Here At Leaky Plumbers have been
in business for 200 years and we are
the best in the business – and our prices
won’t be beaten.

Instead address their biggest concerns…

We Turn Up On Time, Every time, and We Make Sure
Your Home Is Left Spotless When We Leave.

Addressing those two biggest concerns right there in the ad itself,
AUTOMATICALLY makes me the better option for almost anyone looking to
hire a plumber.

Check this ad from days gone by, and see if it does the trick…

great advert