The Crazy Ones Videos

Someone told me to buy an Apple Mac when I started our online business and resisted because I believed the many who thought it was over priced, stylised hardware. I was so lucky to see the light when I finally succumbed and purchased an old Apple iBook.

Since that time I use Apple products exclusively for all my design and online creations because they are so reliable and the software is just so easy to use.

Of course there is a learning curve in getting used to a new system, but it was nowhere as difficult as I thought.

Would I ever go back – well I guess I can leave that for you to decide.

These two videos are geared around Apple and probably say more about the reason their products work as well as they do.

They both use the same voice over from Steve Jobs, but are used at different times The first was way back in the 90s when Apple were re-establishing themselves and the second was after he died.
Interesting to see who is looked upon as the genius from the audiences perspective.

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