Stunning Eagle Owl Video

This video shows an Eagle Owl in flight coming to perch just in front of the camera lense. It is shot with a high speed camera and has caught the magnificence of this impressive predator.

An Eagle Owl has a wingspan of around 6 feet and a body length of nearly 2ft 6ins. It is very powerful coming in just under the size of a Golden Eagle. More information can be found here

Back in 2008 an English Yorkshire village came under attack from an Eagle Owl. It swooped down on young children, small pets and pidgeons in its quest for food. Despite the annoyance this caused amongst some of the locals, it went on to become quite a celebrity and was often seen sitting on the roofs and chimneys of homes in the area. You can read the full article in the Telegraph here.

In the meantime check out this video below and see one of natures finest. Make sure you WATCH TO THE END to see those talons on full display.


  1. Incredible beauty and skill from both sides…………

  2. Jean Beadle says:

    This is fantastic, I would love to have seen it  and just had to pass it on.

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