SEO and all that.

bizwebsolutions contentSEO – search engine optimisation, I know it’s enough to make your eyes roll back with boredom, this is for the techies and geeks isn’t it?  Well no I don’t think so, you see many are into this in a big way and spend hours, days, weeks, months and even longer trying to ensure their websites are tuned as best as they can be. Like most things in life there is a balance to be struck and I have found doing many of the things that need to be done takes time and patience. Making sure people who visit your website have a good experience is the most important, why?.. because if the site is bad your visitor will leave and never come back. All the SEO work in the world will not make a poor website good. The resounding answer to having a great website is having great content. This means having something that your visitor will find interesting and help be of use to them.

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