Our New Promo Video

There is so much media being pumped out on the internet that it becoming increasingly harder to create something that is original and attention grabbing. Often it is the simplest of ideas that achieve this. I am always looking for new great ideas and remember receiving an email a while ago with a video of animated stick men on a windows paint page creating havoc in a hilarious way. The guy that created this Alan Becker was ahead of his time and the footage went viral online when released back in 2006.

I did not forget and still recall the video as something that was great fun and definitely highly original. I have always wanted to create something like this for my own website but the experience and time needed was a little beyond me. However I have had the opportunity of putting something of a similar style on the front page of this website. It was created using After Effects and I think it looks simple, entertaining and original.

Here it is again to save you clicking onto the home page. It has not been loaded onto You Tube yet and should load pretty quickly.

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