Make a video for You Tube.

There was a time when the internet was used only for research. As the popularity of the internet grew, so did the way that it was used. Today, millions, in fact billions, of individuals rely on the internet for entertainment.  If you are one of these, there is a good chance you have heard of YouTube.  You Tube is an online video website that allows visitors to view homemade videos and much more, you can now easily make and share your own videos online.

Making your own video – that sounds like fun?  Internet users of all different ages are making their own videos.  Many are used to share information with others, showcase favorite family scenes, express their beliefs, or just for pure fun.  If you are interested in making your own video you have to start with an idea.

The really good news is if you are planning on making a video for You Tube, you can relax and concentrate on producing the content, because the uploading process is probably one of the easiest  you will find online.  This is great news as so often people have good ideas for a video but are put off by the complexities of how to get the finished product onto the internet.

To make a start you will need a standard video camcorders or webcam.   You can make just about any type of video that you want but it is important to remember that your video may be seen by thousands of internet users, so it does need to be appropriate and NOT boring.

When making your video it is  important to note that You Tube does have small limitations which include the length of your video and the size of the file. Currently your video must be no more than ten minutes in length and  You Tube now compresses it when you upload via their site. The content cannot be copyright material such as snippets from TV shows or other peoples work. This also applies to music, if you use an artists music as background without permission You Tube will either remove the video or the soundtrack.

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