Achtung – Spitfire

This is an amazing video all completed using special effects – You would not know as they are completely seamless.

I have a good friend who knows how I help businesses use video online and he sent me the link to this wonderful short film. We have spoken about how a well produced video can catch you almost unawares,  often you can quickly gauge whether you will watch to the end or even skim through it, just like speed reading through a book.

A good director with a good story can completely capture your imagination and before you know it the video is at an end and you have that sense of having watched something special.

At this time of year, Armistice Day 11 November 2014 – this video relives the second world war in the air.

The German from Nick Ryan on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you for sharing this.
     Incredible film. The aerial scene made me shiver. I had no idea so many were effective POWs in Ireland 

  2. Absolutely Brilliant!
    Captures the viewer with the story, remarkable example of the power of video!

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