Who am I ?

Grahame is the owner of Bizwebsolutions and since 2009 he has worked with numerous organisations on web based marketing and communications.

Prior to this, he acquired nearly 31 years experience with the Police service. He is a fully qualified Investigator and worked on many high profile cases as both lead investigator and enquiry team member.
During his time as a Detective, Grahame was trained in, and actively applied, specialist interviewing skills for dealing with highly sensitive and emotive issues involving young children and adult offenders. He is fully conversant with conflict resolution issues and how to best apply them.

Grahame’s career culminated with him being selected as a member of a highly specialised operational unit dealing with counter terrorism. He worked closely with both National Security and the military in active, on the ground, operations and training exercises. During this time he gained qualifications as a financial investigator and trained with the National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit at New Scotland Yard.

You may well be asking what all this has to do with the business he is in now?

Well the in the last few years on a specialist operations unit, Grahame gained extensive experience and training in photography, video and surveillance techniques.

On leaving the Police Service, he learned a completely new business method from the ground up, leading him to succeed with online internet services and optimised website installations. Using many of the ideas from his training he developed skills to create website concepts that are flexible and embrace cutting edge elements, like video and mobile web.

Combining his skills, Grahame has gone on to form a business actively providing services  helping to supply and develop an online brand for small to medium sized businesses.

Grahame now has client nationally and has earned a reputation for being both reliable and innovative in his approach to getting the most for his clients. You can see what many of them have said here or via his linked in profile below.



Grahame can be contacted here