These website was created for a Sussex based Catering Business Click on picture to visit website … [Read more...]

We all do bad advertising!!!

Want to get a good handle on what not to do when advertising your business? Grab the Yellow pages or Golden pages and sift through all the advertisements. I used to hate getting junk mail in my letterbox at home. Now, I love it, just so I can dissect the adverts. Almost ALL of the ads in these … [Read more...]

niche websites and Facebook

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Business Networking

link to a Business Networking website in Sussex … [Read more...]

Shooting School

Website link to a highly successful Clay Pidgeon shooting Club … [Read more...]

Accountant and Bookkeepers

Website links to successful Bookkeeping and Accountants businesses. … [Read more...]

Paper dead

Are you old enough to remember being told, when computers became established into the workplace, that paper is no longer important? Well someone got it wrong, as we consume more paper now than ever before. But the myth lives on and this really fun video gives great perspective!!!   … [Read more...]

Image Fader

I love the way the progress of technology continues to throw up little gems that we can all immediately take advantage of. This latest one takes us back in time and then forward again to the present. FIRST CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW AND THEN: Left click and hold on each photo, and then drag … [Read more...]

Video of The Shard, London

A brilliant video showing views of 'The Shard' using a quad drone. The video takes off from the ground and slowly rises until it is level with the top floors, giving a spectacular view of London at night. … [Read more...]

Dealing With Competition

  A very successful marketer gives his views on how to keep ahead of your competitors. He also emphasises the reasons it is good to have competition, otherwise you are potentially trying to sell to an empty market place. Learning and then adding additional value is key to succeeding in your … [Read more...]